What can I expect from a remap?
Once installed and tested you will be shocked at how different and more driveable the vehicle is, eliminating flat spots, smoothing the torque curve out to give you that progressive feeling while still giving you the desired BHP.

When these calibrations are created, it’s not just simply a case of turning the fuel pressure up as you would find with diesel add-on boxes. There are tremendous amounts of maps and tables that need modifying individually as part of the ECU. Each map and table will have a different role within the ECU and understanding the role that these components play in improving your vehicles performance comes from a cultivation of years of experience and lots of research and development.

As the calibration is unique and made to suit your vehicle, you can expect to increase your BHP and eventually this yields a higher rate of MPG. This increase in MPG means that you do not need to visit the fuel pumps as often, and this is true for both diesel and petrol engines.

Will a remap effect my warranty?
The short answer to this is yes. With most new vehicles on the market, we physically have to open the ECU and expose the circuit board inside so we can circumnavigate the anti-tune security. Please contact us if you are unsure if your vehicle requires this. There is always the option of restoring the ECU back to standard (a small charge may apply), so before you visit the dealership, this will allow for your warranty to remain intact.
Will a remap effect my insurance?
Empire Tuning recommends that you inform your insurance company as it is a performance upgrade and changes the vehicle characteristics from standard.
The dealer updated my car and now the tune has gone?
If you send the vehicle into the dealership for a specific issue they may do a software update, unfortunately this will wipe the calibration on the ECU. Don’t worry, here at Empire Tuning we will reinstate the tune free of charge! (The vehicle will need to be brought to our Head Office; however this service is available mobile for a fee).
Do you offer tweaks once installed?
If you are in anyway unhappy with what has been done with the calibration then of course it can be modified specially to suit your requirements. Providing your requirements are reasonable and possible.
Do you only remap Land Rovers?
No, we remap all makes and models of vehicles. Contact us for more information on your model of vehicle.
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Will my MPG change?
Yes as a rule of thumb the improvements of MPG normally come after a week or so, basically once you’ve got used to how the car now drives you should see gains.
Do you offer unique vehicle modifications?
Yes, if your vehicle has a speed limiter we can remove it completely or lower it. This service will be subject to our expert advice to avoid engine and component strain, to ensure the safety and longevity of your vehicle.
Must I make arrangements to bring my vehicle into your workshop?
You can bring your vehicle into our Colchester HQ for fast efficient service or alternatively a technician can come around to your home or workplace. Please note that this service will incur extra charges.
How do you collect payment?
Payment is due before collection of vehicle and shipping of items. All cards, Paypal or cash accepted. Please note that credit cards will incur a 3% charge. (Debit cards do not incur these charges).

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Are you certified?

Yes, we are certified by EVC electronic.

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