Car Tuning

Every car is mass-produced and this is why they are made to suit the needs of every environment they may be sold in. However, once you purchase it you might want to make some changes to specifically suit your requirements. Tuning is one thing you can do to enhance and change the characteristic of your vehicle drastically.

Purchasing a new vehicle is a big decision that affects our pockets significantly. This is why we want something reliable, powerful, and long-lasting but to our individual taste. Tuning your vehicle can give that sparkle of a new vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Here is why engine tuning is important for your car.

Importance of tuning your car

If you want to change how your car responds to each throttle input then read on.

Firstly, since your engine will start working more efficiently, it will use less fuel for the same amount of input. What this means is you tend to not work the engine as hard as you once did, lowering the revs thus making it more efficient when being driven.

Secondly, it will drastically increase the performance and responsiveness of your engine. It will work more efficiently and you will notice the immediate difference when you drive your car for the first time.

Lastly, it will boost the life of the vehicle. Since the engine is the most essential part of a car, improving its efficiency/performance means that it can give you more BHP more Torque and even more miles per gallon (MPG).

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Four main things need to be tuned in your engine for it to work efficiently:


Most modern vehicles have a distributor less ignition system (petrol/gasoline) this means that parts don’t tend to wear out as they once did. Older systems have more components which can fail and need allot more maintenance when servicing and modifying. This can mean these systems are a little more labour intensive.

Intake parts

When modifying vehicles you will always get to a point where you then need to start changing hardware. One of the easiest modifications that you can do your self is changing the air filter with either an uprated panel filter or with a full induction system direct to the turbo/supercharger.
More air allowed into the engine ultimately means a bigger, stronger bang thus making more power.

Forced induction

More horsepower can be achieved by increasing the amount of pressure the standard turbo/supercharger produces, this coupled with the additional air and fuel makes for a much stronger bang meaning more BHP & torque
It is possible to get to a point where the standard turbo simply doesn’t flow enough air, this is when you need to change it out for either a larger turbo by the modifying parts so it allows more air to be “pumped”.

Exhaust parts

Just as your car needs to breathe in efficiently, it also needs to expel the burnt gases once combustion has taken place. This can be done by modifying the exhaust system and allowing for a much more free-flowing system the gases can escape quicker allowing them to also enter quicker.
Every car can perform different functions well and the exhaust system of your car will be tuned the way which will enhance the functions of your car. The muffler that will be installed depends on the vehicle you own.
Apart from functioning, a car can also be tuned to look better. This involves modifying your car the way you want it to look. Here’s how you can tune your car to look a certain way.

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Modifying the exterior

Many people want to modify their cars to look a certain way. They get this done because they want their car to stand out among others. Everyone wants something unique and since cars are mass-produced, modifying its exterior can help you to make it look different and individual.

The exterior styling of the car includes:

  • Changing the wheels and tyres
  • Installing spoilers
  • Paint job or vehicle wrap
  • Change in lighting
  • Changing the body kit

While most of these serve a purpose of aesthetic appeal, you can even modify your car to perform better with exterior changes mainly altering its aerodynamics which on a public road may not be beneficial but on a race track, the additional downforce could be the difference between first and last place. While the rest are not that expensive, changing the body kit of your car can be a bit heavy on the pocket.

This was all the information you need to know about tuning normal cars. However, if you own a race or track car then here are some changes you can make to ensure that it gives you maximum efficiency and performance.

What is included in tuning a race or track car?

If you own such a car here is how you can enhance its performance:

  • You will need premium brakes to enhance safety and decrease stopping distance
  • You will need to choose tyres and wheels that depend on how you plan on utilizing your race car 
  • Installing a turbocharger
  • Installing a supercharger
  • Injecting your engine with Nitrous oxide
  • Adjusting the ride height

All these tuning changes will make sure that your car is ready to be taken on the track. Do remember to take all safety precautions so you can get the most out of your vehicle in the safest possible way.

Things to remember

It is always important to take the advice of a professional before investing in car tuning. They will provide you with better advice that is specifically suited to the needs of your car and you. They will also give suggestions to maximize performance and safety.

Every model and company use different parts and techniques to give their users a unique experience. This is why you need to get the tuning done accordingly so your car offers you maximum performance and efficiency.

Tuning is like an investment in your car which can increase its value so make sure you spend wisely.

Car Tuning