Gearbox Flushing Essex

The Internet might not be the best source to trust whether or not your car needs a gearbox flushing, as it suggests that the gearboxes in the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Discovery 3 and Discovery 4 with the ZF6HP and ZF8HP are sealed “for life” and do not require servicing. That simply is not true, the manufacturers of the gearboxes for these models suggest themselves that these gearboxes are not sealed for life and they also require not only gearbox flushing but also oil changes after they have been driven for a certain time. It is important that the Transmission oil is changed every 50K – 70K, doing so helps disperse heat more efficiently keeping the temperature of the box down helping with longevity and reliability.
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At Empire Tuning, we believe it is a part of our job to guide customers correctly about the maintenance of their vehicles. These maintenance measures will not only make your vehicle perform a lot better but also increase the longevity of the parts fitted throughout the vehicle. Vehicle owners tend to overlook the gearbox flushing process (normally until its too late) but we believe it is important that our experts explain to you why gearbox flushing is absolutely important and makes a very noticeable difference to how your vehicle changes gear and drives. It has even been known to fix the dreaded torque converter judder!

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What are the outcomes?

Following are the significant changes that your car will undergo after our service:

  • New Fluid that exceeds both LR and ZF recommendations.
  • Deep cleaning of the entire system including the oil cooler and torque convertor.
  • During the process with use various additives to help break down the old oil so we can then exchange it with the new oil, plus we also add a conditioner which helps keep the oil at its best for longer.
  • A well-maintained gearbox will give many years of faultless service.
  • It will improve the overall performance of the car.

When to get gearbox flushing done?

When there are problems with the transmission fluid, you might not be able to tell before it’s too late, because this problem creeps up on the vehicle slowly while damaging the insides in the process. Now you must be wondering, what are the symptoms which show that the car is in need of a gearbox flush? We will make it easier for you!

Following are the symptoms your vehicle will show if it is in need of a gearbox flushing:

  • One basic and the most initial test is to check the color of the oil, ZF6 and ZF8 boxes do not use red ATF oil so it makes it easier to see how dirty the color is. See picture.
  • If the color is brown, it is an indication that the vehicle needs gearbox flushing.
  • If you look under the car and see a small puddle forming, it is also a bad sign.
  • Slow gear changes, going in and out of gear with a bang/judder.
  • Loud noises from the transmission are also a bad sign.
  • Gearbox holding gears longer than normal
  • When the gearbox is cold, the gear changes will be very slow.
  • Overheating of the gearbox following by warning lights on the dash and even limp home mode.

These are some of the symptoms which will indicate that your car needs looking at.

It is important to understand that transmission oil plays a very significant role in keeping the parts not only lubricated but also cool. Once its past it’s optimal it will stop effectively doing its job in keeping the transmission lubricated and cool, this is a slow process and you many not feel any changes until it’s too late
What’s worse is that such problems might lead to the replacement of the transmission, which can be very expensive as it is one of the most important parts of the car. If you are not proactive about the problem and failed to do preventive maintenance you will end spending more money in the long run.

How does gearbox flushing work?

A thorough and complete gearbox flushing does not only replace the oil, it also fully cleanses the transmission. The new oil we use exceeds both Land Rovers and ZF’s recommendations giving you the confidence that you won’t get anywhere else! We also use detergents on both the cleaning cycle and once the new oil is in to make sure your transmission feels like new and gives you many more years of service.

What we do and how we do it?

We at Empire Tuning, have experts who are pro at detecting and diagnosing problems situated with any Land Rover, and not only diagnosing them but also providing necessary solution to help rectify the issue.

Our Gearbox Flushing includes the following services:

  • All the internal parts of the gearbox are flushed and cleaned using the appropriate detergent.
  • Changes 99.9% of the oil within the entire system.
  • Before handing it over to the customer, we run a road test and monitor all the transmission oil readings.
  • Only when we are satisfied with the vehicle is it then handed back to the customer. Ensuring you are 100% happy with what we have done
  • We provide the customers with all the necessary feedback and future preventive care measures they can take.


If you are still unsure about it, bring your car over to Empire Tuning.
So, what are you waiting for? If you can spot any of the above symptoms, book your Gearbox Flushing with Empire Tuning now.