Defender 2.2 Remap TDCi

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Defender 2.2 Remap – Jerky pedal? Struggling to tow large weights? Get in touch we can help!


Defender 2.2 Remap

Here at Empire we have been tuning these 2.2 Defenders since before they were actually released for sale to the public, working on some preproduction models and we were one of the first to offer 180bhp from one if these safe and reliably.
We can offer various states of tuning it really depends on what you want as a customer from more torque for towing to outright performance for the ultimate 2.2!
With the software we can also resolve the jerkiness that it apparent with some Defenders just mention this to us when were writing your custom tune. For more detailed information on expected gains then please click HERE
We can also offer mechanical services on site such as larger intercooler fitment, Hybrid turbos, DPF EGR solutions as well.

If you would like to discuss any of these options then please drop us a call on 01206512338