Empire Tuning TD5 Hybrid Turbo Package (REMAP+TURBO+MAP Sensor!!)

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Empire Tuning TD5 Hybrid turbo packages

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TD5 Hybrid Turbo Kit Supplied with all you need to get it running 100%!

Please NOTE these kits are based on an exchange basis so you will either need to ship us your old turbo to be reworked or a surcharge of £100 +vat  will be added to total which will be refunded upon receipt of your unit and although you can fit this item your self we still need to see the vehicle to dial it all in once installed.

Capable of 220bhp+!!

This is item is NOT to be confused with cheaper alternatives you may find on the internet, this is a fully reworked unit with both the inlet compressor housing and exhaust housing being machined to accept the larger wheels. As well as a different design exhaust wheel and upgraded bearings this really is a complete power solution with that OEM look and ease of fitment.

This td5 Hybrid turbo Package includes the following items

NEW Turbo with fully reworked internals, both the compressor wheel and exhaust wheels have been replaced for ones with a different, more efficient design and are larger in size. Both the compressor housing and exhaust housings are machined to take the larger profiles of these wheels

NEW Genuine BOSCH Larger MAP Sensor (including calibration)

Our Custom Remap which can include, MAF delete, POPcorn, Smoke or no smoke options – plus setting it all up until your happy

It is required that vehicle has the following modifications before installing our unit. (failing to have these items installed prior to remap and turbo installation will mean turbo wont be working to its optimum)

Larger intercooler
Defender Intercooler Discovery Intercooler
ITG Filter
TD5 ITG Filter
Decat (Where applicable)
Centre Pipe Delete
Discovery Decat & Centre Delete Defender Centre Pipe Removal
EGR Delete
TD5 EGR Removal Kit

Additional information

Turbo Use

Road, Fast Road, Race

Optional ITG Filter

Yes, No

Sending us Your Turbo?

Yes, No

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