TD5 Remap

£200.00 ex. vat
Free Shipping!

A TD5 Remap has to be one of the best mods you will ever do to your vehicle. With huge gains available even with out any hardware changes

TD5 Remap for Discovery & Defender

The TD5 engine has to be one of Land Rovers best ever produced engines its extremely robust in its construction, has minimal electronics and is HIGLY tuneable even with standard hardware. With expected gains with no hardware to be around 160bhp its a huge increase just from software.

All our td5 remaps are designed specifically for you, your vehicle and its current modifications meaning you are getting a truly bespoke td5 remap not some generic file that has been copy and pasted 100’s of times before!

We can offer various stages or “levels” of tunes for your td5 with all software being charged at a flat rate of £200, what this means is we do not charge you extra because you have modified your vehicle and will map it to its current setup at no extra charge. This is because regardless of modifications it’s the same job for us it just means we can push your vehicle harder if you have certain hardware such decat, egr removal air inlet modifications.

Also included in the price is maf delete (makes the ecu ignore what the sensor is doing and uses the MAP sensor for its fuelling calculations, so can be removed completely from the vehicle)

Hardcut/Popcorn is also included td5 remap if wanted (some hardware modifications are required for this option).

Various levels of smoke is available from coal train to no smoke.

We have proven results please see our VNT on the dyno doing some big numbers this has our TD5 remap amongst many other things
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