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TD5 Ecu Inspection & Repair –


Some TD5 Ecu’s are not around 20 years old this is true for both the Defender & Discovery. Failure normally occurs without warning and usually leaves your stranded, which as you can image can be a massive headache!

Some customers have reported that the vehicle “just died” while others have said “it wouldn’t rev” and when trying to restart the vehicle it simply will not start. When this happens it is normal that diagnostic equipment cannot communicate with the ECU and basically this means that if there’s no communications then it will not start the engine and needs to come to us for testing/repair

Sometimes communications are still possible and the ECU will produce fault codes some of which are list here

  • 0123 through 0127 - Injectors 1 through 5 output drive peak too long
  • 0128 - Topside Switch Failure
  • 0129 through 0133 - Injectors 1 through 5 output drive peak too long
  • 0135 through 0138 - Injectors 1 through 5 output drive open circuit
This can be carried out on the all of the following ECU's
MSB101191 MSB10181
MSB101192 MSB101183
MSB101193 MSB10184
MSB101261 MSB101330
MSB101340 MSB101170
MSB101350 MSB101171
MSB101360 MSB000080
NNN000130 NNN500030
NNN000120 NNN500250

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1 review for TD5 ECU Repair

  1. JamDen (verified owner)

    After sending my ecu to another repairer it still didnt work! so i spoke with the team at empire and they were extremely helpful from the start and 2 days later it was back on the defender and running

    • Empire Tuning

      Thank you for positive feed back we just glad that your back up and running any issues in the future please dont hesitate to get in touch

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