TD5 Ceramic Ball Bearing Oil & Water Cooled VNT

First Land Rover TD5 water and oil cooled ball bearing turbo, available in three different variants for you


The first commercially available water cooled turbo for the TD5!!!

Here it is a VKLR that is available for all TD5 engine vehicles in the Land Rover World.

Available in three different variants from your normal daily to you complete race spec version.

All of which have the very latest in turbo design offering water cooled VKLR centre using ceramic VKLR ball bearings. Offering increased response from very low down in the rev range while still producing lower EGT’s then older more crude designed VNT’s.

Custom Machined billet compressor wheel with custom manifold adapter to allow better access to the filters (see pics)

Have a look here for the Dyno results! This was on a recently calibrated dyno correctly setup as to make sure the readings are accurate and not misleading

The video is of the smaller sized turbo or the "daily"